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Theatre Under the Stars and Kinder High School for Performing and Visual Arts score soaring duet
Theatre Under The Stars (TUTS) and Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (Kinder HSPVA) announced a new partnership that will provide theatre students at Kinder HSPVA with a four-year comprehensive musical theatre education.
Here's what happens when you donate a car to a nonprofit
Public radio listeners may recognize the messages that describe how to donate old cars, RVs and other vehicles.
What happens to vehicles after they're donated?

Your First 30 Days As a New Development Director
Successful Development Directors are a rare breed, and being thrown headfirst into the fire is just another day at the office for us. Those first 30 days as a new Development Director are crucial for getting on the road to success, but it can feel like entering a burning building without even a bucket of water in sight.

Here is a 3-step plan to help reduce the chaos of the first month and set one up for success.

A Gala Is Not Philanthropy
Can galas be useful for cultivating major donors? Yes, in some cases. Can it inspire some folks to become a donor? Yes, in some cases. [More]
Cultural Institutions Respond to Call for Diversity by New York City Mayor’s Office
New York City has called on its nonprofit cultural institutions to increase racial diversity among senior staff and boards—or face funding cuts. To date, 33 institutions have submitted equity plans.