Strategic Planning

High-performing nonprofits are guided by strategic plans that arerefreshed every three to four years. A strong strategic plan allows a nonprofit to set priorities, provides clear direction, unites the staff and Board, allows all members of the team to work effectively to advance your organization's mission, and establishes measurable benchmarks to monitor performance.

Sterling Associates works with many nonprofits each year to develop fresh strategic plans, employing a tried-and-true process that we tailor to meet each organization's unique characteristics. Through this process, we:

Engage members of the Board, staff, and other stakeholders in the important work of strategic planning;

Affirm your organization's mission (or redefine it, if appropriate) in light of the community's needs;

Ensure that your purpose is clearly communicated;

Develop strategic, measurable goals to guide your organization's growth and development against a three-year horizon;

Create an action plan to ensure that these goals are reached in a timely, efficient and financially responsible way; and

Develop a process for communicating the new plan to those who need to know about it and support it.

When the strategic plan is complete, nonprofits invariably tell us that the planning process is as valuable as the finished plan.