Executive Coaching and Training

Many Executive Directors and CEOs begin their nonprofit careers in the program arena as teachers, social workers, artists, pastors, or doctors. As they rise to positions of leadership in their organizations, they assume an array of new day-to-day responsibilities, including financial management, human resources, operations, Board relations and strategic planning and implementation, among others. These added responsibilities can be daunting, especially if the leader has not benefited from formal management or financial training.

As the nonprofit sector has expanded, there is a growing shortage of seasoned nonprofit leaders with the knowledge and wisdom that come with years of experience. Moreover, few colleges and universities offer degrees or specialized coursework in nonprofit management. As a result, many nonprofit executives are left to try to learn for themselves how to manage their organizations.

With more than 20 years of experience working with nonprofit leaders, Sterling Associates has gained extensive knowledge about the unique challenges and opportunities that CEOs, Executive Directors, and development staff face. We enjoy working with nonprofit managers to share our knowledge, and we design specific coaching and training arrangements to meet the unique needs of different organizations and the individuals who lead them.