Board Self-Assessments, Development and Training

There is no substitute for strong volunteer leadership in any nonprofit organization, and this has become even more true as the number of nonprofits has continued to multiply. No matter how large or how small, every nonprofit needs a Board of Directors with members who bring their personal experience and resources to advance the organization's mission and take responsibility for its governance, strategic direction and financial needs.

Healthy nonprofits draw clear lines of responsibility and authority between the Board and executive staff.

Sterling Associates can share best practices to strengthen and develop a nonprofit's Board by:

  • Creating, administering, and reporting the results of confidential Board self-evaluations
  • Profiling the Board
  • Evaluating professional experience, knowledge and relationship networks needed to advance the organization's mission
  • Clarifying Board member responsibilities and commitments (terms of service, rotation, committee responsibilities, governance, financial expectations)
  • Identifying and developing strategies to recruit prospective Board members
  • Providing training and support in a variety of areas, including fundraising and Board/Executive Director relations