Barbara Bushong

Barbara Bushong is a Senior Consultant at Sterling Associates, where she works closely with clients on capital campaign planning and management, strategic planning, and capacity-building.  She joined Sterling in 2002, bringing special expertise in strategic and business planning to the firm.

Barbara began working with nonprofit institutions as a commercial banker in 1987 and has worked as a consultant specializing in market research, analysis and strategic planning services since 1989, with a particular focus on start-up business and nonprofits. Before joining Sterling Associates, Barbara worked with leaders from professional consulting firms, investment banking firms, nonprofits, hospitals and medical practices to create comprehensive business plans, assess market dynamics, and develop strategic plans.

Barbara holds a BA in Political Science from Princeton University and an MBA in Healthcare Management from Boston University.

She has three children and is active in a number of cultural, educational, and civic associations, in addition to contributing her time to the Schools Committee of the local Princeton Alumni Association.

Click here to email Barbara or call 713.807.1411 ext. 105.